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Zorse: Seriously

Half horse, Half Zebra.  So Awesome, it’s un-natural.

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Strip Steak with Creamy Spinach Topping

Okay, I know this blog has nothing to do with cookery but a contact over at Flickr wanted the recipe for a dish I photographed the other day (above) so I thought I would oblige.  So here it is:  the recipe we sort of stole from some crappy T.V show we were watching the other day fo Strip Steak with a Creamy Spinach topping.

Note: This is nothing like the real recipe the steak chef did on the show, it was just patched together from what we remember of it with added garlic…because it’s the best thing in the world! I don’t do quantities because I never pay attention to them in other people’s recipes anyway, so just use your best judgement.


  • Steak (any will do, the leaner the better)
  • Double Cream
  • Olive Oil
  • Fresh Baby Spinach (not frozen!)
  • Baguette
  • Butter/Margarine
  • Garlic
  • Ground Black Pepper
  • Lemon
  • Beer (or your choice of beverage)


– Open Beer (or other beverage), take a swig.
– Continue on a regular basis until can/bottle/keg is emptied.
– Begin Cooking

The Steak :

– Brush (or in our case…smother) the steak with crushed garlic and olive oil.
– Coat the whole steak in ground black pepper.
– Give it a quick blast in a griddle pan to your liking. (If you like you steak super rare consider giving it an extra minute or two, or it will just make the bread soggy)
– Take it out to cool, then cut it into strips wide/long enough to fit onto sliced french bread (Don’t put it on yet though).


– Place double cream in saucer and heat on low/medium
– Add butter, a squeeze of lemon
– Add anything else you feel like throwing in (garlic perhaps?)
– Add spinach (raw, don’t bother boiling it first)
– Continue to heat until it thickens up a little


– Chop up your baguette into slices
– Put a little strip of steak onto each slice and top with a little bit of the spinach (don’t go too wild with the sauce)
– Use any left over bread to mop up excess creamy sauce from the saucer

Easy as anything! Enjoy!

Cannes Lions 2007: Some of the Best

My pick of the winners from this weekend’s Cannes Lions Advertising awards (print only, might post a video one later!)


People in Need

Science Plan



Uninvited Collaborations with Nature

Artist Nina Katchadourian has create a series of ingenious ’collaborations with nature’ which play with the idea of introducing modern human elements to the natural world.  From DIY cobweb repair kits to a birdhouse with built in Occupied/Vacant indicators the humourous collection of artistic silliness can be found on her website.

 Go look!

7 Days: The Best Ever, Ever, Ever!

Definitely the coolest 7 days of my life:

Tashilunpo Trainee
Pango Kumbum
The Potala
Leaving Tibet



Day 6:Jungle Walking, Jungle Driving (Part 2)

Wow, bit of a delay in posting, but I determined to finish documenting this trip to prove to myself that I can finish things that I start! I was talkin about “the highlight of the whole trip…” that awaited us on the other bank of the river. Well, this was it:


We wanted to stay there all afternoon with our new friend, alas, we had a jeep safari lined up later that afternoon and we were wet, sweaty and covering mud and sand. After a quick shower, lunch and (very) brief sit down we were off into the jungle once again. This time we would be heading deep into the jungle by jeep. This turned out to be a bit of a disaster.

For a start, the jeeps were not run by our lodge, but instead by a far less organised outfit. Every jeep was overloaded and desperately in need of repair. As each seat in the car was taken, the guide took to standing on the back bumper as we trundled off noisily into the jungle. When this eventually broke off the back of the car mid drive, nearlly killing him, the rain decided to make it’s first appearance of the last few weeks. The dilapidated rain cover was in as good condition as the jeep, which meant it was full of holes and everybody in the jeep had to physically hold it up with one hand above their head whilst the guide, devoid of places to stand, relocated to the roof of the jeep. Then the 4WD became a 0WD as some rusty part inside the engine decided to give up the ghost. After hitting a few thing with a hammer we were back on the road (but only driving with 2WD) and we in the jeep decided our best bet would be to abandon anger and just enjoy laughing at the situation and mocking our guide.  Our positive energy must have had an affect as, eventually, the rain subsided and we managed to get a glimpse of the back ends of a few animals as they ran in fear from our roaring (disabled) hulk of a machine.


By the time we got in we were about ready to head back to the lodge. From the child-like joy of bathing elephants to the grumpy grumbling of our ill-fated jeep ride, today, like all of the best days, was a day of extremes.

7 Days: Jungles! Mountains! Buddhas!

7 Day of Nepalese Shenanigans.

Valley Living
Breakfast View

Still playing catch-up.  WIll be back on track soon…