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Zorse: Seriously

Half horse, Half Zebra.  So Awesome, it’s un-natural.

More from the Daily Mail

– Joe


Cyborg Squirrel (No, seriously…)

Flickr user and ex-classmate, OlivePixel, has created a monster.  Well, more accurately a cyborg…from a dead squirrel.  The photographic evidence of the creation is excellent and the cyborg itself pretty damn terrifying.  The glazed over dead eyes of the little rodent are distressingly fitting and the mechanical appendages look far too functional.

 The flickr set is titled ‘Cyborgs‘, which hints that we may be in for more, so hold on to your nuts…

Lifesize Photo of a Blue Whale

No seriously…

The WDCS has created this navigable full size image of a blue whale.  The eyeball will just about fit in your screen if you have a larger monitor.  It’s awesome.

Go Check it out…

Scary: Goblin Shark

Check out this insane Goblin Shark that pitched up off the coast of Japan recently.  This is the second species of ‘living fossil’ to appear unexepctedly in Japan recently, prompting fears of an invasion from the deep. 

Okay, I made the last bit up.

From National Geographic