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Nepal Through a Plastic Lens

I have put together a couple of my lomo shots of Nepal and Tibet on my Flickr.

Go check out the whole set…


Uninvited Collaborations with Nature

Artist Nina Katchadourian has create a series of ingenious ’collaborations with nature’ which play with the idea of introducing modern human elements to the natural world.  From DIY cobweb repair kits to a birdhouse with built in Occupied/Vacant indicators the humourous collection of artistic silliness can be found on her website.

 Go look!

The Human Clock

Stumbled across this excellent site today whilst browsing the world of web.  The human clock tells the time through user submitted photographs of numbers.  The photos are taken all over the world from Antarctica to Australia and range from the imaginative, to the humourous, to the completely unoriginal, however, there is some undeniable allure to seeing what pops up next.  There are also seperate Analog and Digital clocks to look at.  Will definitely be submitting a couple of Hong Kong time photos in the next couple of weeks.

Anyway, go check the time…

The Shape of Fire – New Flickr Group

the flames climb high into the night, to light the sacrificial rite...
After noticing that a few of my fire photographs had been noted by people who saw images in the flames I thought it would be interesting to start a Flickr group dedicated to The Shape of Fire

“This group is dedicated to photographs of the many shapes that fire can take. Chaotic and beautiful, flames can imitate anything imaginable. Like lying on your back and picking out figures from clouds, your mind (and the ability of others to relate to it) are the limit.

So post your flames and see what you can find in others.”

Go have a look here!

Coloured Paper Wow

Just had to post on Jen Stark’s amazing artwork.  Normal coloured paper, cut, sliced and shredded into amazing constructions…


Just Imagine…

Korean Photographer/Artist Yeondoo Jung turns the crayon drawings of children into photographs.  They’re awesome, so just go look…

Urban Curators

Urban Curators is project that encourages you (and me!) to explore and document “the beauty of the abandoned, unused, and decaying spaces in the city.”  By framing areas of the urban environment, photographing them and placing them on a map, the project hopes to build up a body of interesting imagery based in the real world.  ‘Frame’ is a loose term and can imply anything from using your fingers to placing an antique picture frame over the area.  For a better idea go visit the site.  It’s a shame I didn’t known about this before heading out to Vietnam, but I will certainly be getting some of Hong Kong over the next few weeks and I will put them up there (and here).

Go look around…