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Awesome Magazine Cutout Artwork


Noticed this on Neat-o-Rama the other day.

New York based artist Debra Hampton creates these intense pieces from magazine cutouts, ink and a few extras. 

More on her website plus exhibition details for those lucky enough to be in NY right now!


Cannes Lions 2007: Some of the Best

My pick of the winners from this weekend’s Cannes Lions Advertising awards (print only, might post a video one later!)


People in Need

Science Plan



Cyborg Squirrel (No, seriously…)

Flickr user and ex-classmate, OlivePixel, has created a monster.  Well, more accurately a cyborg…from a dead squirrel.  The photographic evidence of the creation is excellent and the cyborg itself pretty damn terrifying.  The glazed over dead eyes of the little rodent are distressingly fitting and the mechanical appendages look far too functional.

 The flickr set is titled ‘Cyborgs‘, which hints that we may be in for more, so hold on to your nuts…

The Human Clock

Stumbled across this excellent site today whilst browsing the world of web.  The human clock tells the time through user submitted photographs of numbers.  The photos are taken all over the world from Antarctica to Australia and range from the imaginative, to the humourous, to the completely unoriginal, however, there is some undeniable allure to seeing what pops up next.  There are also seperate Analog and Digital clocks to look at.  Will definitely be submitting a couple of Hong Kong time photos in the next couple of weeks.

Anyway, go check the time…

Pixenate: Awesome Online Photo Editor

Just stumbled across this today at work whilst trying to tweak a couple of photos without the aid of my photoshop enables laptop. Pixenate lets you do perform photoshop-esque photo editing from your browser. Not only can you perform a variety of basic image manipulations such as cropping, resizing, level editing and the like, Pixenate allows you to chose between saving the modified photo back to your hard drive or uploading it directly to your Flickr when you are done. Other features include red eye removal, straightening, whitening and there are also some ‘fun effects’ thrown in for good measure. Nice!

Go check it out, you never know when you will need it.

Rubiks Cube Portraits…Nuts!


Notice this on Random Good Stuff today.  Awesome portraits made from Rubiks Cubes.  You can even have a Rubiks Cube impression of the event of 9/11!


Coloured Paper Wow

Just had to post on Jen Stark’s amazing artwork.  Normal coloured paper, cut, sliced and shredded into amazing constructions…