Day 3: Monkeys and Burning Bodies.

After our plans for yesterday afternoon were dashed by the hail we woke up to a stunning Nepalese morning. Having planned to visit the Swayambunath stupa the previous day before the storm, we thought it best to start off there and have a day of visiting Kathmandu’s famous temples.

In addition to being one of the oldest and holiest Buddhist temples in Nepal the Swayambunath is inhabited by large numbers of Rhesus Macaques, and is otherwise known simply as the Monkey temple.

Swayambunath Steps
No Photos

Afterwards we headed off to the other side of town and the Pashupatinath. The Pashupatinath is the oldest and holiest Hindu temple in Nepal and along the banks of the river bodies are cremated day throughout the day. Children laugh and play cricket, or hassle the cows, and the adults busily go about preperations as the shrouded, deflated corpses lay in the open waiting for their moment. A surreal atmosphere.

My love affair with Nepal deeped later in the day as we went out for a delicious (if basic) Nepalese meal and decided to check out the party scene in the Thamel.

It’s good.


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