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7 Days

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Chris' Farewell (p365 106)
Visionary (p365 107)
Me on Explore (p365 108)
Tuna Steak (p365 109)
Welcoming Committee (p365 110)
Water Margin (p365 111)
Signed, Stamped and Confirmed (p365 112)


Leaving to Nepal


Well the VISAs are signed and stamped and we fly out tomorrow morning at 8am HKT.

Will try to update this blog and my Flickr as often as possible, but it is likely there will be large chunks where I don’t have internet access (heaven forbid) and risk remaining forever unblogged.

Will be back between the 24th – 28th May train schedules pending.

Until then.

Panoramio: Home of Some Old Photos

Dredged out these old photographs I had stored on the website PanoramioPanoramio is a cool Google Mashup which allows you to tag your photographs based on location in Google Maps and view them on a map of the world.  However, since Flickr added geotagging functionality I have found myself visiting far less often.

Took this on a trip to Egypt in 2003. Taken with a Canon Ixus V3

Portimao, Portugal.  2004.  Taken with a Canon Ixus v3

Limassol Waterpout
Limassol, Cyprus. 2004.  Taken with a crappy camera-phone.

Time = Pwned!

Time is slowing down.  It’s probably because next week I will be in Nepal, and like whenever you are just within reach of something you have been looking forward to, Time right beforehand can seem slower than you ever thought possible.  Little does Time know that she is giving us all the last laugh, and by slowing down, is giving us an abundance of opportunities to enjoy every minute we would probably otherwise miss.

Strobed (p365 99)
Dinner (p365 100)
Super Saiyan (p365 101)
Devon House (p365 102)
We are what we eat (p365 103)
Hidden (p365 104)
Me (p365 105)

– Joe

Cyborg Squirrel (No, seriously…)

Flickr user and ex-classmate, OlivePixel, has created a monster.  Well, more accurately a cyborg…from a dead squirrel.  The photographic evidence of the creation is excellent and the cyborg itself pretty damn terrifying.  The glazed over dead eyes of the little rodent are distressingly fitting and the mechanical appendages look far too functional.

 The flickr set is titled ‘Cyborgs‘, which hints that we may be in for more, so hold on to your nuts…

A Week in Images

This week has been a landslide of time.  I’m currently crawling through the aftermath, searching for survivors.  I don’t know if that means anything, but it’s supposed to sound deep. 

Escape (p365 93)
Evolution? (p365 94)
Work + Boredom = Stupidity (p365 95)
The Way (p365 96)
The Air up There (p365 97)
Strobed (p365 99)
The Triump of our Tired Eyes (p365 98)

The Human Clock

Stumbled across this excellent site today whilst browsing the world of web.  The human clock tells the time through user submitted photographs of numbers.  The photos are taken all over the world from Antarctica to Australia and range from the imaginative, to the humourous, to the completely unoriginal, however, there is some undeniable allure to seeing what pops up next.  There are also seperate Analog and Digital clocks to look at.  Will definitely be submitting a couple of Hong Kong time photos in the next couple of weeks.

Anyway, go check the time…