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Time keeps flying by, so I froze a few moments to hold on to for a while.

Here they are:
Naniwa (p365 72)
Quarry Bay Lunch (p365 73)
Tired (p365 74)
Something Borrowed, Something Blue (p365 75)
Modelled in Concrete (p365 76)
IFC By Day (p365 78)
Our Sunset (p365 79)


A Week Through a Lens

A guest in town, some crazy nights out and a trip to Tai O.

Angled (p365 65)
Erin (p365 66)
Going the distance (p365 67)
Me (p365 68)
Hooned (p365 69)
Finally Friends (p365 70)
Craftsman (p365 71)

T.W.A.T Piggy Banks

I was in a small fishing village on the coast of one of Hong Kong’s beautiful outlying islands when I stumbled across these for sale.  Closer inspections revealed them to be piggy banks that you have to smash to get your cash out.  Can’t help but wonder why Dubya looks strangley like Steven Segal and Osama like Sean Connery.


Lifesize Photo of a Blue Whale

No seriously…

The WDCS has created this navigable full size image of a blue whale.  The eyeball will just about fit in your screen if you have a larger monitor.  It’s awesome.

Go Check it out…

Last week in Images

I am finally back up to date after a brief lag in getting around to uploading photos after my trip to ‘nam.

Windows to the World (p365 58)
Ms Featherbottom (p365 59)
Hello Kitty Dream Wedding (p365 60)
Odds (p365 61)
Memory Stick (p365 62)
Turn (p365 63)
Fallen Angel (p365 64)

Pixenate: Awesome Online Photo Editor

Just stumbled across this today at work whilst trying to tweak a couple of photos without the aid of my photoshop enables laptop. Pixenate lets you do perform photoshop-esque photo editing from your browser. Not only can you perform a variety of basic image manipulations such as cropping, resizing, level editing and the like, Pixenate allows you to chose between saving the modified photo back to your hard drive or uploading it directly to your Flickr when you are done. Other features include red eye removal, straightening, whitening and there are also some ‘fun effects’ thrown in for good measure. Nice!

Go check it out, you never know when you will need it.

Chinese Train Timetables


You know what is really hard to find?  A collection of Chinese Rail Timetables which are up to date, accurate, understandable and in English. 

Hats off to Duncan Peattie for providing just that. 

What’s more, the site carries a full list of fares as they will cost if you book them from the train station NOT after some unfeasibly high prices have been levied by the agency who hosts the train timetable, as is the case with most timetables I have found on the web.

Sooooo…As a result I have all the details I need for my train out of Lhasa.  It appears that the latest date I can safely leave Lhasa is the 21st May at 0832 local time.  That would bring me in to Guangzhou for around 1937 local time.  From there I can get any of several frequent trains to Hong Kong from Guangzhou.  As for prices I am looking at either 809 or 1251 RMB (104 to 161 USD) which is just fine and dandy with me.

Onwards with the planning!

Thanks to Flickr User Yewco for the stunning photo!