Nepal! Tibet! Cripes!


Wow! So I just went and bought a one way ticket to Kathmandu.  Looks like the beginning of another interesting trip, and I will be charting each stage of the planning (and eventual execution) on this blog.

 My plan so far is this:

– Arrive Kathmandu 1st May
– Spend 7 – 10 Days in and around Kathmandu
– Perhaps 2-3 Days at Gaida or another wildlife park so I can go see some Rhinos and Tigers or something.
– A wee bit of chillage and beer time.

Then I want to get overland from Kathmandu to Lhasa somehow.  My research has shown this to be a pretty popular route with dozens of companies offering the service at vastly differing prices so booking in Kathmandu shant be too difficult.

However, I definitely want to see on the way:
– Rhongpur Monastry
– Perhaps a trek up to Everest Base camp
– Shigatse (Highest Monastary in the World…pretty DAMN high)
– Gyantse

– 7-10 days in Lhasa.
– Go see the Potala and other religious sites
– Markets and yak butter!

Finally I am going to get hold of a train ticket from Lhasa-Guangzhou (a mere hour from Hong Kong).  Failing that I will have to get one from Lhasa to anywhere else in China, then navigate my way back to Hong Kong.

I can’t find a combination on my keyboard to draw you a smiley to describe how I feel right now but it is somewhere between excitement, apprehension, joy and hunger.  I think the hunger can be taken care of pretty soon though.  Despite sounding a little reckless I have research broadly into most areas and none of this is particularly hard to facilitate.  This is a very well travelled route, support and advice is aplenty and some of these ideas are well into their planning stages.  So despite next to nothing being booked or planned already, things should be fine. 

The thing is, you can plan all you want but until you take the dive you never know how it will turn out.  I have thinking about this trip for a long time, the time has finally come to make it real.


3 Responses to “Nepal! Tibet! Cripes!”

  1. 1 minxlj March 2, 2007 at 3:12 am

    Sounds like an incredible trip…I loved your Trans-Siberian blogging so I’m looking forward to this next one!

    Also loving your Flickr photos too…enjoy the trip and take plenty of photos for those of us stuck back home, LOL

  2. 2 bhupen March 10, 2007 at 9:23 am

    my words are as those of minxjl! Yeah, enjoy your trip and keep blogging with your good size and quality photos. Oh yes hope you will pass through pokhara this year!

  3. 3 Dominic Bloomfield the 3rd May 10, 2007 at 4:45 pm

    Hey bud,
    your trip outline sounds awesome, hope everything goes well and you don’t get attacked by a yakk.

    we’re well in Queenstown. spending too much money on booze and trips.

    check out the pics of me eating Guinea Pig in Peru.
    Tasty snacks.

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