Another Week in Images

Okay, so it’s a little late this week, I have been pretty busy and only just got around to uploading about 1 weeks worth of photographs today! Photowise it’s been pretty exciting. I cleaned my sensor (see my last blog entry) and I also bought a new Tripod which means I can go out and get some nice Hong Kong nightscapes and finally experiment with HDR processing. I also really got down and dirty with my SB600 strobe flash with pretty successful results. Here’s this weeks offerings inlcuding a trip to Lamma Island, Samantha’s hands, some shoes and a certain over-photographed rabbit:

Goldie (p365 16)

Hand in Hand (p365 17)

Miss Wong V.2 (p365 18)

Sensor Cleaning Time (p365 19)

Shoes and Fruit (p365 20)

My Vehicles (p365 21)

Zen Mask (p365 21)


– Joe


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