Nepal Through a Plastic Lens

I have put together a couple of my lomo shots of Nepal and Tibet on my Flickr.

Go check out the whole set…



I am!

Longwaythere soon to be revived.



7 Days: Summer Keeps On Sunning

The weather is beautiful and the temperature hasn’t dropped below 30 degrees since May.  Oddly for this time of year there has nothing but brilliant sunshine either.  So seeming that I am sitting at my desk sunburnt and eager to get back out into the heat, I thought I would post the next 7 days…

Fountain Fun
Organic Vortex
Play Time
Losing Face

7 Days: Let’s Push Things Forward

Life is such a busy place to be.  I promised myself I wouldn’t let this drop behind and I need to keep it up. Here are seven more days from Mid-June.

Toilet Love
Shadows and Arrows
Never take no for an answer
My Great Grandfather

7 Days: Wind Down

A Sunny Sunday
Full Bloom
Be Prepared - Asleep in Hong Kong #3
Spider Lily
Lordi Cola

7 Days: A Return

Wow, I am still so far behind.  Been real busy and have about 200 unsorted photos from the last month or so on my camera.  This weekend I intend to finally do some bulk uploading and cover the whole of June in one blast but, for now,  here are the dying days of May and our return to Hong Kong.

I Has a Bucket
Love in a Mist
Hooked on DS
Brightening up our Home
I Can Has Carot?

Awesome Magazine Cutout Artwork


Noticed this on Neat-o-Rama the other day.

New York based artist Debra Hampton creates these intense pieces from magazine cutouts, ink and a few extras. 

More on her website plus exhibition details for those lucky enough to be in NY right now!